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Spreading the truth of God's word to southeast Asia & Australia. Thank you for visiting online location.  Currently, the full web site is in development.
In the interim, you are invited to visit,
as well as viewing online Bible study videos on , and the presentations are in Mandarin Chinese.
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这个网站的目的是提供有关福音的研究材料,并且用繁体和简体中文书写格式.它提供了忠实的数据,其实强调如何得救及上天堂. 如果在研究时,您有任何问题的话,或您想要的其他信息,请联系:,将尽可能迅速答复.

.它提供了忠實的資料,其實強調如何得救及上天堂. 如果在研究時,您有任何問題的話,或您想要的其他信息,請聯繫:,將盡可能迅速答复.

顾约翰   John M. Grubb
Since 1982, John has been working to preach the gospel to the Chinese people. He lived and worked in Taiwan for ten years. From 1992-2010, He worked with Truth for the World to continue this effort. His work includes translating and preparing materials for use among the Chinese, helping those who are trying to work with Chinese people, and making trips to various countries around the world for evangelistic efforts.
Since 2011, this work is part of the evangelistic efforts of the Chestnut Mountain Church of Christ which is located in Chestnut M
ountain, Georgia. The Chestnut Mountain elders oversee this great work.

顾约翰(John M. Grubb) 弟兄一共花了43年的光阴传主的福音, 其中32年都是乡背井到海外传福音. 他曾经在台湾10年做传道的工作而学会了一口流利的华语.
他关心华人的灵魂.准备了和翻译了很多华文的圣经资料给予全世界都看得懂华文的人. 他已经向22个国家传道,并总共拜访了 51 次.

A Work of the Chestnut Mountain Church of Christ, Chestnut Mountain, GA, USA, 2014